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ourgoodbyes [userpic]
"Catch" by Will Leitch
by ourgoodbyes (ourgoodbyes)
at June 22nd, 2006 (06:58 pm)

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This book was ... alright. With all the hype on the cover from Ned Vizzini, John Green, and James Frey, I thought it was going to be a bit better. It's about a kid from a small Illinois town named Tim Temples. He's basically a movie star because he's a good baseball player and he can get away with anything. Then he meets Helena, in my opinion, a stupid, annoying character. Blah blah blah. Tim needs to choose between college and staying in his comfort zone: home. Honestly, this book was boring ... Some of the humor was alright, but I got to give it a thumbs down. It just wasn't my cup of tea.